It's A Hound's Life

Follow the lives of a basset hound and a bloodhound in rural southern Indiana. Photos more than content tell their story.


There are two of us that run this blog and also run the house we live in. We have an owner that feeds us great food, takes us on 2-3 walks per day, takes us on trips and lets us sleep on the furniture. We drag Steve away from his computer to take photos of us for this blog and to document our lives. You can send your emails to us here:

Sadie  (2008-2018)

Version 2

I just turned 10 years old this past summer. I arrived here in August 2008 and immediately started driving my new owner crazy as a 12 week old puppy. I’ve heard him tell people that I am the most obnoxious hound he has ever own in the past 31 years. As I got older I quit chewing up shoes, boots, cell phones, paper, and shoe strings. I am the leader of  the house and take care of Stella and Heidi. I love to track scent. I need three walks per day in all kinds of weather. I stick to plain kibble to keep my trim waistline.



Steve found me on an ad for rescue at the GABR website. I use to run away every chance I got. I spent different times in my local animal shelter then was found and taken to GABR. In June 2011 my foster mom met Steve in a large parking lot where he looked me over, took me for a short walk and signed some papers. He knew I had allergies when he took me. We took a long 4 hour drive to get home. He didn’t tell me that Sadie would be waiting for me along with my old basset buddy Winston.

I have my own schedule. I only go outside when I want to. I only go for walks when I want to. I sleep a lot because I like sleep. I prefer the outside temps to be 65° – 75°. If it’s any hotter than that I will lay in the yard but for no longer than an hour. They had to guess how old I was since I did not have any official paperwork … they think I am around 8-9 years old in December 2017.



Steve saw on a bloodhound group on Facebook that my owner was looking for a new home for me. I am an escape artist and there isn’t a door I can’t open nor a window I can’t climb out of. They said I had something called a ‘separation anxiety’ but I’ve gotten a lot better since I’ve lived here. I get to live with another bloodhound, Sadie. I get to sleep on the couch when I want. I have 10 acres of field to run and roam as long as Steve comes along.

I love to chase deer when I see or smell them. I love to sleep in the yard under the hot sunshine. They can’t feed me enough food because I want to eat all the time. I love to ride in the Toyota FJ. I turned 9 years old this past June 2018.

I make this blog and our older blog interesting.